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What are we doing?

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Zerpaay World : Play And Learn To Earn

The Zerpaay World platform, currently in Alpha, is poised to offer an enriching experience for its users by combining education and entertainment. It will serve as a hub for learning about the intricacies of XRPL technology, providing an accessible way for users to deepen their understanding of this innovative blockchain system. Beyond education, the platform will feature engaging gaming opportunities, where users can not only enjoy interactive gameplay but also stand a chance to earn ZRPY tokens as rewards. This integration of learning, gaming, and rewards exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to user engagement in the crypto space.


Introduction to blockchain

We are in the process of developing a captivating 10-episode educational series, unfolding in the enigmatic realm of Zerpland. This series stars the intriguing characters Heel Dograss Tyson and Zerpette, who embark on an enlightening journey through the intricacies of the blockchain technology. Each episode is meticulously crafted to unravel the complexities of it, guiding viewers through its mechanisms and functionalities in an engaging, step-by-step manner.



A diverse array of easy-to-play video games is currently being created for the Zerpaay World platform. These games, designed for players of all skill levels, will offer exciting competitions where participants can vie for ZRPY tokens. While the inaugural platformer game is under active development, our vision extends to launching an even broader selection of games, providing a rich, engaging gaming experience to our community in the near future.



Our community operates with a unique military-like structure. Members can ascend through different ranks by acquiring specific NFTs corresponding to each level. Every week, we roll out new missions for our virtual army, engaging our members in various tasks. Successful completion of these missions leads to rewards in ZRPY tokens. To be eligible for these missions and to fully immerse in this experience, members are required to join a specific squadron within our Discord community.



We are currently developing an automated reward program for validators. Enjoying the benefits of the network while others maintain and secure it should not be without acknowledgment. This program is designed to recognize and reward the efforts of these validators, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their essential role in upholding the network's integrity and performance.



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