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Community Projects



Zerpaay Crypto Dog Coloring Book: An Exciting Adventure in Cryptocurrency for Kids" - This unique coloring book combines the playful world of dogs with the intriguing concept of cryptocurrency.


The Z-Tagz initiative is a unique, community-centric fundraising method for dog charities, blending Zerpaay-themed merchandise with the XRP Ledger's transparency and efficiency. This strategy aims to positively impact dogs in need, merging e-commerce with altruism effectively.



This NFT collection, aligned with the XRPL's ZERPAAY community, supports a philanthropic initiative for clean water solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and other water-scarce regions. Collectors gain exclusive roles in the ZERPAAY community and event access. Proceeds are allocated with 75% to water projects and 25% to further develop ZERPAAY.

Discover the enchanting world of Zerpaay and friends, featuring vibrant coloring pages, children's storybooks, and merchandise for both you and your dogs. Enjoy downloadable coloring pages that can be printed, colored, and minted into NFTs for a lasting keepsake. 

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Welcome to ZerpTriviaa!

ZerpTriviaa! Is the ultimate destination for any time Death Hot Dog trivia enthusiasts. Our quizzes cover a wide range of topics and our Learn-To-Earn reward system ensures that your efforts don't go unnoticed. So what are you waiting for? Start playing and prove you're the ultimate ZerpTriviaa champion!

More to come...

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